Wednesday, May 11, 2011

" chase my former collegue code name: Stockholm..."

This is the carriage house- which sits between the two buildings that comprise the quadrangle that is the co-op, courtyard is a common area that can be booked out for BBQ's and other gatherings. Zok and I looked into buying the carriage house which is like an open plan flat- but the selling price was over 3x the cost of our house in Tasmania...
Out on the water with Irish Dave
Dave and Zok: In Stockholm we spend a lot of time in the kitchen- many a early morning hour is passed in this space.

In Stockholm Zok has a gang of 'Dave's' and one Tjelta
I think because you can walk to almost all destinations, or if you are going far you can take the subway- Zok is almost always willing to go out on the town.

This is the view from our bedroom window. By this time next week, this will be the view I wake up too-although hopefully dry and lit by sunlight.
I like falling asleep to the sound of the trains.

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