Wednesday, June 22, 2011

"Propelled by all this madness, by your beauty and my sadness"

Many people have the misconception that Zok likes to watch live music.
He really doesn't.
About once or twice a year I can convince him to take me to a show.
I can go on my own, but sometimes I just want him to go with me.

Flogging Molly played early at Grona Lund, a famous music venue that happens to be an amusement park as well. There is a ferry that takes you over to the park, and the view is all the landmarks of the island where we live.
I love going to Grona Lund and I love 'Flogging Molly'.

Sometimes Zok is just plain miserable when I make him go to a show, and with all the rain yesterday I feared this would be the case, however what we didn't know was that the V.I.P. area was sheltered from the rain, had a good view, and there were snacks, beer, AND a bathroom!
However, this type of balcony does open one up for being spotted and heckled which is exactly what happened to Zok who worked with Flogging Molly, the band that we went to see.
The whole balcony was called out, the crowd was instructed to turn and give us all the finger- usual punk rock fare. But then Zok was singled out, called by name and the next introduction went a bit like this "Usually I dedicate this song to the arse hole I wrote it about- me! But tonight I dedicate this song to ZOK! Wave to ZOK! ZOK!- "Selfish Man".
This was pretty funny on its own, and ironic because I love this song and use it religiously as my sprinting song when I skate outside.

Thankfully Zok took the ribbing in good humor and everyone hugged and laughed after the show was done.
(I did have to buy him a container of fairy floss aka cotton candy in recompense).

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Jeannie said...

I love the idea of Swedes simultaneously flipping the bird, then hugging after.