Monday, June 13, 2011

"Hope is a very unruly emotion."

The phone I am using does not take good photos-
I am going to have to carry some better means of taking photographs.
I want to show you how crowded the city is, the sidewalks, the parks, all the public spaces. I would like to sit with you so you could watch how the light only fades...vaguely...without commitment to darkness at this time of year.
We could sit and eat ice-cream from my favorite ice-cream shop (yesterday I had berry flavored with salty licorice and cherries with chocolate pieces) in the park where as the park is cast into shadow, each person feeling that shadow creep up will pack up all their stuff and move along to a sunnier spot, this movement seems unconscious and yet coordinated.

The Stockholm Roller Derby double header was for me, good, I felt confident in both what I know and what I don't know and I acted accordingly, and if I wasn't great, I certainly was not a hindrance.
I even went to the after party, but I cheated and went home to shower because I don't think I have ever sweated quite so much in my whole life.
I drank, I danced, I even sang and I had a good time, although I felt my age for an entire day, the day after.
I had a funny moment in the dressing room when I (upon the nudity) remembered that many countries that are not America or Australia are very free with nudity, and both Finland and Sweden are included...
One more week of practice and then the venues close and any practice will be done outdoors until mid-August or early September.
Zok has been gone during Derby days and so that has been perfect, we have both been in the apartment at the same time.

Have you been wondering how I am? Perhaps you should email me.

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