Tuesday, June 7, 2011

"Lose your face, lose your name, and get fitted for a suit of flame..."

This picture is deceptive, the BBQ party guests have not yet arrived, and in this docile looking courtyard come midnight and 1 a.m. there will be a small crowd trying their best to sing some American classic tune in English, and therefore the tempo will be a loud rush of voices come each chorus, as they race to show they do know the lyrics.
Since I wrote last I've attended six, 3 hour practices, and skated outside with a group that included Hyper Nova and Speed Slut who are quite fast and wore me out. Excellent!
Summer has come on strong, the heat is pleasant and dry unless you are trying to skate several hours, but still I think the climate is easier than Australia.
This is our friend Tjelta and our favorite ice-cream shop, so far I have had banana, coconut, egg nog, and blueberry.

This is how light the night is at about 10:10 p.m. when I get out of the train station, after returning from Derby practice to walk home.

Ice is not common in Stockholm, these are the bags used to make ice at home.

This is my Nanna-rolling back that I take to skating practice. Please send me stickers to make it purdy.

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Pip said...

I really love your nanna bag. Is it super shiny?