Sunday, August 21, 2011

Thorildsplan Tunnelbana or how Sookie tried to beat the rain

Two days of non-stop rain. The two days I had for personal skating. One of STRD newer referees invited me to a skate park that is under a bridge and often skating in the rain is possible due to the amount of pavement the bridge keeps dry.

We were not quite that fortunate, I have a massive bruise from taking off when my wheels had gotten too wet. But at least I think my crash made the 6 year old girl skateboarder feel better about her fall...

I was happy to just get out of the apartment and go somewhere new.
The park was near a station I have been meaning to go to because of the tiling there. As usual I did not have a the better camera with me.

This week I also took a bus to check out a rumored outdoor 'covered' rink. This proved to be true and although the rink really, really needs to be clean up, at least we can skate in wet weather.
So for now practice is being held there.
I am going out early today to make up my skating time. I ran the last session and therefore didn't get to skate much. I might have to ref today so, again I won't get much actual practice time.
However, next weekend I am attending a skating camp in Berlin. Being organized by the Berlin Bombshells, and run by Swedehurt and Suzy Hotrod.
I just hope I can keep up...

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