Friday, September 2, 2011

"...on stranger waves, the lows and highs..."

I have had a lot of school, derby, and Swedish lessons taking up all my time.  I left on Friday afternoon to attend a Roller Derby 'advanced' bootcamp in Berlin.   I knew that I did not technically qualify as 'advanced' and I certainly felt that way when the coaches kept stating "I am sure your leagues do they types of drills all the time".  Each time this was stated I thought to myself, "The girls in Tasmania would think I was trying to kill them if I made them do this drill"!
I also had to pull myself off to the side to do some of the drills that I had never seen before and was slow to enact.  Also I have come to realize the level of 'aggressive skating' here is much higher than I am used too.  

I have had two days to recover but I am still tired.  I am going to Mälmo tomorrow for two days and six bouts.  I am going to bench coach the Stockholm games, which is something I have never done before.
Perhaps all the 'new' is what is causing my exhaustion.

Both coaches in Berlin were inspiring.  Although I think that for me the point is not to strive to be them, but to hold them up as a standard so that I can better myself.
Derby is growing fast, on a professional level as well as the level of athleticism.  Yet each week I think there are more 'small' places starting a roller derby league.  There is a large gap between them.
But this seems to be normal for sport.  There are junior leagues, professional leagues, b-leagues, pick up games, sport clubs- in each level and in each place people make the sport their own.

My excuse for having barely any photos and not even getting postcards in Berlin is due less to time constraints and more to the hazards of traveling in a group.

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