Wednesday, September 5, 2012 a clock whose hands are sweeping...

Öland is an island- 137 km long and 16 km long.
At one point in history the island had over two-thousand windmills.  They were apparently a sign of status.  The island is also a Unesco World Heritage site because the farm land has been in contiuous use from the Stone Age.  Although the Loppis shops here were a let down, and the day was grey with continuous drizzle, I wanted to try and find at least one-hundred of the remaining four-hundred windmills.

Zok did not agree with this plan.

True, many of the windmills were similar in model, as if someone came along with a windmill kit that could be flat-packed and delivered for assembly IKEA style.
We were not staying here but continuing on to catch a ferry from Oskarshamn to Gotland another island.

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