Monday, December 16, 2013

"Christmas just aint Christmas without the one you love..."

Zok is home!

A week went by at the speed of one day from the previous week.
The weather seems to be turning solidly towards Summer.

The tree is up and sparkling in the sun.
Latino baby jesus is on the mantel.
Sunshine and festive Cocktails!
(Cocktails are listed on the 'Dinner with Zok' blog)

Yoga classes are available straight through the holidays (thank you bamino jesus) so I have had classes while Zok competes in yet more Croquet matches.
Our IKEA order arrived and we are rearranging the front room.  Tasmanian doesn't have an IKEA, but you can order now from the mainland, and pick up your order from a warehouse.

I had another day weeding in the reserve.
I basically tackled blackberry bushes, they are very easy to identify.
I have to say that my new gloves were worth every cent I overpaid for them.
Sadly I have to say my love for blackberries started to wan within the first hour of battling them.

I have included another building from town.
I have to turn on this corner each day I go to Yoga classes.


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