Monday, December 9, 2013

"...Your life is so lonely like a child without a toy. -Then a miracle-a boy..."

I survived through more pouring rain and navigating the bus system from my home to town.  I have been feeling my age through the current prices of things.  $4 to ride bus one way?  $2.55 to post a Christmas card?
My first taxable income in 1983 was $2.45 an hour, student wage.  I still have pay slips.  This fact makes me feel as if I have truly lived through the start of a new century.  

I went into a couple of churches between bus stops.  I think it is strange that in a foreign city I will almost always go into a church, but I forget to at home.
Although in Seattle I did make a point of it, but in Seattle there were author readings and symphony performances that you could attend.  I have never seen anything listed in Hobart to go too. 

I tried to put up our Christmas decorations while Zok was on tour, but I only managed the mantle piece and putting up wreath of bells on our front door.
As usual, the weather at this time of year is very unstable, pouring rain one day, cloudy and 70 degrees the next.  It truly turns to summer after Christmas or even the New Year.  But, the sun rises around 5 a.m. and sets about 9 p.m. which leaves little room for Christmas lights and decorations.
I always feel as if I am putting up lights in the middle of summertime like some lonely, lost person who has no one to tell her that it is not Christmas yet.
Plus of course the garden is going crazy with all the rain- so where I should be is out in the garden which again is not in my mind, associated with Christmas.


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