Tuesday, March 18, 2014

"...she gets confused...flying over the dateline...


Soon is the day that we leave.
 The water is always warm in March, and the swimming has been good.
There are strange occurrences such as jelly fish in the water, where no can remember seeing them before.
I can see the planet Mars rising while I sit on my couch.  The moon is moving to the east so that I can see it's light shining on the bay. These are Autumn changes but I will be arriving to Spring.  Although I will see interesting light wherever I go, I still miss what I leave behind.
I will forget that I do not want to shop, that I own too many things because I will be living out of a carry on bag, and there will be something I need, that is not with me.
I will visit friends and that will be nice, to speak and feel truly understood because we will be from the same place and time.
But I will disappoint some, and feel guilty about not being able to see others.
Zok will worry about the grass - but he'll forget to worry more often than not.
 Because that what perpetual motion does- a constant present, a place of now without the reminders of a settled life, no bills or mail or neighbors dropping by.


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