Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"...waiting through the summertime...to melt your hearts in wintertime..."

I can't meditate.
I associate the exercise with white noise.  If you don't know what white noise is, then you are probably young, and susceptable or worse looking for parenting tips, so do NOT google this phrase, do not use it to help with 'nap time'.  The only books on meditation I have liked have been books by monks, that read more like a take on positive psychology, a practice that I do believe in.
Often when I am in the ocean- floating I feel as close to perfect happiness as I know.
Of course a key to meditation is comfort and if you go swimming in Autumn you might want to make sure you bring your neoprene socks and flippers because it's cold in there.

But I can't resist the warmer Autumn days- especially when the moon is out as well.

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