Tuesday, May 20, 2014

"...I can hear it in the ocean and it's always the same..."

Tasmania has had a week of unusually warm Autumn weather.  This same week has had a bright large moon visible all day by Mt. Wellington, growing brighter as the daylight wanes, to reveal all it's splendor over the ocean.  Each day after Yoga I have been bush walking or swimming.
I have also been reading 'the sound of a wild snail eating' by Elisabeth Bailey, loaned to me by my (bestie) neighbor.
I admire a slow book, a book written about a subject that is small, or slow or very constrained as this one is.
I have felt all the more appreciative - We leave in one week, soon the slow darkness and the sound of the high tides will be replaced by motion, by light, but people, people, people.
There is happiness to be had everywhere, and the mixed sadness of each leaving, and the mixed excitement of each arrival.


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