Wednesday, June 4, 2014

"Får jag också vara med och leka? sa han."

 This is some sort of impermanent art exhibit, in Slussen, using boards that normally hold advertising.

This is 'aspudden', not my favorite subway art, however it is now the stop for our neighborhood friends who moved and have gotten a much nicer, larger apartment

We've been in Sweden almost a week, and of course I feel as if I got here yesterday, and at the same time I feel as if I have been here forever.

Swedish summer, is being well- Swedish, a day of bright, warm beauty then a day of gloomy grey, low clouds, cool to cold.  Although those grey days can become misty in the evenings which is lovely.

Our apartment had work done - the whole building had the two (of four) inner panes of window glass replaced.  There have apparently been improvements in the technology.  We don't have a lot in this apartment but what we did have was all pushed to the center of rooms and hallways.  So we arrived after 32 hours of so, into a bit of chaos.

I decided that the front enclosed balcony needed to be touched up- I knew there was paint left here from the last owner.  Of course, until I started painting, I never noticed just how many shades of white are in this apartment.  Basically the apartment is still 'undone'.
But Friday we are having people over for lunch, it is Sverige nationaldag. The rumor is also that there will be sunny weather.  We have based a lot of entertaining around our large deck, but we've had a bit of rain, so I haven't set up the furniture out there yet.  Hopefully the apartment will be put to right for Friday.

I have planted my sweetpea seeds.  I have potted some herbs and vegetables given to us by friends.  I have grand plans- but you'll have to look here to see if they actually happen.

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