Monday, September 8, 2014

Hornstull T-bana Konst

This station is particularly large although when you reach the upstairs there are four street exits, and a huge pillar in the center which is what the stranger photos are showing.
Although it is not large, I have never been here when there weren't swarms of people, and stopping to take photos seems to bring up much ill will feelings from all around...
I haven't located the plaque and honestly I have not idea how any of the art ties together.  I love the tiles shown above that line the tracks but as you start exploring the halls...

There are a few of these objects behind glass - most look strange and dusty...Zok refused to even speculate, I thought maybe there was some sort of fossil theme happening.  As the other windows had sort of shell-like, bone-like 'things'.

 Above is the pillar and a couple of close-ups, the pillar is in the middle of a hall, the exit from the subway, and other entrance/exits to other streets.
Every time I have tried to really stop and find a safe place to stand some person has run into me.  Just these few close-ups felt as if I was playing 'frogger' across a freeway.  I did notice on our way home, late at night that there are pieces of mirror that make the pillar sparkle under light.


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