Monday, September 22, 2014

Plattformsskulpturen på Björkhagen, Skärmarbrink, och Kristineberg T bana

Platform art which is usually sculptural (and fairly minimalist) might suffer when compared with the large grand stations like; Rinkeby, Västra Skogen, or  Hässelby.  I thought I should group them into a series of three because they are a bit brief.

The birch tree limbs in the box are meant to tie together with the X you see above the stairs when you exit the station.   A person could miss something by simply running for a train, or not bothering to turn a full circle to look at the surrounds.  I wondered if there would be some deep meaning, often the description of the more simplistic, modern art will have some grand explanation. However, once I translated the station name, to find it meant Birch Grove well that is basically the beginning and the end of the mystery.

I read on the artists website that this sculpture is meant to be Virginal Woolf. I have friends that live at this stop at Kristineberg or I probably would never have made it to this particular station, it has two really good parks on either side of the train tracks as well.

Here we have a few more angles on the sculptures at Skärmarbrink (which I must tell you sounds when pronounced to me like "Whelmabree-ink")
The colors on this are really cool, but I could not quite capture the coloring with my phone.  I am guessing these are made of copper, and I wonder if anyone got photos of them before the elements changed them.  I couldn't find the plaque though.  It is a transfer station so there were a lot of people hustling around me.

I had high hopes that Skärmarbrink's sculpture were meant to be seen through one another.  I may have built this up in my mind because this is the last transfer station on my way home, which  means the train gets quiet as the last of the large groups exit. And I never want to get off here, so I have been building an expectation all summer.  When I attended University in Bellingham, Washington, near the end of my time there, I took this great class on 'perspective' and one of our lessons was going around to some of the modern art that is trailed throughout the campus. In the main quad of the campus was a large open box tipped to stand on one point.  What I found out was that the sculpture was meant only to be a frame, a person was meant to stand inside and view the sky, thus framed by circle and square.  That fact that I almost missed out on the experience through my haste, has forever changed my outlook.

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