Saturday, April 11, 2015

Rocket Day 2015

I love Autumn, I love the darkness coming earlier- shorter days always seem full to me, they are less pressure to fill.
    We had tentatively planned to launch rockets today. Encouraged by peoples comments when I mentioned the rocket launch, I started casually inviting anyone within walking distance.  Mostly, the launch was for the kids that live across the way. 
Zok and I half expected knocking on the door at 8 a.m. but when this morning arrived, shockingly we were the first ones ready to go.
We were however not the first to arrive, luckily our neighbour from up the road, called to let us know our location had to be changed due to a soccer match.
So we went to a smaller field, the same one I used to skate at- (anyone remember those sad, lonely entries?)
The sky was bit cloudy which is bad for spotting the rocket when it is at his highest point, and there was a bit of wind, but we were able to shoot off four, or each rocket twice. 

Afterwards another friend and neighbor brought us lunch! I fear that sometimes we are being too controlling- by this I mean for the most part we 'host' and 'cook' we rarely are on the other side.  I was delighted that someone would feel okay to come over and cook- I had started to think we were scaring people off by 'overdoing'. The food was delicious.
A lovely Autumn day all around.

 A convenient crew to chase after the landed rocket.
 Blast Off
 The launch pad
 The kids did a good job painting up the smaller rocket.  They also pushed the launch button on the controller. 



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