Sunday, July 1, 2018

Dark Mofo- Week 3

One of the most interesting parts of living in a town that becomes overblown with tourism is how your everyday gets peppered with people that seem out of place.  Then, day by day, there are other changes, often to do with out of town money moving in.  People that are a bit more styled.  Local dives that become crowded.  Places to eat that seem twice the price of everywhere else.  High end cars on the road.  The lack of parking.

I am probably repeating myself, as I would in a normal, hand written journal.
I love the new changes to the museum, the added permanent pieces of art, the new wing of the museum itself.  The plans for HOMO the hotel- which aspires to be the highest standard of green-sustainability in building while looking cool at the same time.  
I love that the catalyst for all the change is a single person, even though of course, there is a huge team that enacts the vision.  He is spotted at the events- talked about in grocery line queues.

I love that I get to look into buildings that I have stood outside of and wished I could break into.  I have never been here when there has been an open city day.  All the architecture, and the stories behind them are interesting to me.

We stayed on the island for more months together than we have done since we got our own place in Sweden five- six years ago.  I have now lived in Tasmania longer than I have lived in any other place.  I am not sure if I can truly say that because of how often we are away, but then again...I was also away on tour often during my time in Seattle...Los Angeles might qualify as the place I spent the most consecutive amount of days.
 Tasmania feels much larger than it did nine years ago, when all I had was Roller Derby practice and drama.  But part of that might have been how little I fit in to that group.  Had I fit in, I might not have been so willing to switch to Sweden and I believe I am a better person for my experiences there.



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