Thursday, June 13, 2013

" this one of your long playing records, Chuck? Play the other side why don'tcha?..."

I have friends that live at what I refer to as 'pac-man station'.  The tiled walls here are newish- the artist Lars Arrhenius completed the art in 2008.
The actual station name Thorildsplan, which apparently is the name of an author.

We had a bit of a 'not raining so hard' BBQ, where the grilling is done in the light rain and we get to eat inside.
But I got to see yet another apartment which always interests me.

Also our host had fancy, tasty beers for me to try.  Only he and I were drinking the beer but I had no envy for the open bottle of wine or the cider our house guest is excited about!
(The best thing is that the cider she likes is much cheaper here, than in Australia so the high price of alcohol seems a mystery to her.)

I love that this station is so modern (yet retro!) the stop I think has only been in use since 1952.

Adorable.  Also adorable is Crack'her and her small charcoal grills.

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