Friday, August 1, 2014

"...sing me to sleep...sing me to sleep...I'm tired and I want to go to bed..."

There is a free tattoo exhibit on at the Maritime Museum (sjöhistoriska museet- sjö is actually the word for lake while havet means sea- yet sometime the word sjö means larger bodies of water- or here what we would call maritime...I can't explain maritime so I guess I have to let go of the fact no one can tell my the word for lake and sea and ocean can sometimes be different...or the same...)

 I have to say the best bit of the museum was the gift shop, super cute nautical themed china and stuff for kids.  There were no information in English, so I missed a lot of what was going on- the exhibit seems to center on the maritime-sailor tattoos and the times when sailors were the most likely person to have a tattoo.  As I may have mentioned, in Stockholm, it is not unusual for your personal banker to have a neck tattoo.  Tattooing is incredibly widespread here.

There was only a couple of pieces of older equipment- a few guns, one of the wooden ones that were powered by a foot pedal.
Mostly I was happy that the day was cool enough for me to go out.  I made my way through the first three days of 30c low of 24c- but then I had three days where really I sort of hid in the only shady corner in my apartment.
Even when I am out- I think "Oh I could do this or that" but a voice answers "Wouldn't that be nicer to do when Autumn comes?".

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