Tuesday, September 8, 2015

The Biennale Arte Festival Venice Part. 1 Fiona Hall in the Australia building

Zok and I decided (sort of randomly) to go to Venice for five days.
We didn't really go away last year because we took that road trip in the U.S. early in the year.  I did my side trip to the U.K. on my own while he was on tour.  
Venice was a marvel, and I felt pangs that I hadn't researched the city properly before going.  Zok booked tickets to the Opera weeks in advance, and I researched the Biennale Arte festival before we left but that was all the advancing we did.
 Possibly, no matter what research I had done, I would still have had only a limited amount of energy because we had hot, humid weather the entire trip.  I did my best but I find heat very, very taxing. Taking in all the art up for the Biennale under the bests of circumstances would have been a challenge.  I am always grateful to see even bits and pieces.

The Biennale had exhibits all over the city as well as a main concentration of exhibits at 'Arsenale' and 'Giardini' the Giardini has the permanent structures for participating countries. The buildings are purpose built by each country. I had read that Australia opened their building in time for the festival (the first 21st century building added to Giardini).  Although the impression I had from the article was that the building (a modern cube) was inside a derelict shell ala 'grand designs) But instead, you walk along and each country has a unique building, along a sort of boulevard. This boulevard was how we noticed that we had only been in the floating part of Venice, which meant very little vegetation.  Whereas, here there were trees, and small parks.
   I really liked the exhibit there, by Fiona Hall-
I do not like taking too many photos within a museum or installation so here is a link:

I thought (incorrectly) that we would pass exhibits as we wandered around Venice, but they were actually a bit hard to find, more like a treasure hunt.
The island were Arsenale is located, did have installations all over the island- 
like this- piece hanging in a dry dock



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