Saturday, September 12, 2015

"...waters rise...drown the one seems surprised... or Venice part 3

This morning I am feeling not exactly manipulated...but I can see how much of my time is directed by the changes in how I use technology each year.
I want to write a post here about our trip to Venice before too many other events happen and start to overwrite my ability to recall the trip.
Then as I go through my photos I start to realize how many I have on my computer- because of course the amount of storage keeps increasing.  But then I also think of how many photo graphs are on back up drives, or burned onto discs potentially not accessible by today's devices.  I start to get that uneasy, feeling that my time is constantly wasted.
I started this blog because when we were traveling, getting an internet connection wasn't that easy- and sending emails to multiple people with all the photos attached was hard, and the rate of responses, slow or not at all.
So, by starting a blog I had a log of where I had been, and I got to leave it to other people to see where I was.  I thought this might also alleviate the guilt some of my friends had- when they would not be in contact for a long time.
But many people used blogs as vehicles for some greater purpose and so blogs moved from blogger to other hosting sites, or people folded their blogs into webpages of their own.  Other tech changes happened that seem to impinge on the blogger sites functionality such as the ability to follow or leave comments.
I accepted this and just kept going because I am invested- and I like to see when I was in a certain place. 
My memory has never been very exact- I seem to lack the type of focus and discipline that allows people to be recite passages of text.  I have lived in many, many places which makes the situation even more difficult, so I have always kept some form of a diary.  This is why even as no one I know who had a blog maintains theirs anymore, I still use mine.  (I do have a vague sense that blogger and all its content will just disappear one day).

I am not sure why I have digressed so far from my main point-
Perhaps because we have a derby game to go to today, tomorrow ten people are coming for a late lunch early dinner, then we leave the day after.
Upon arriving to our other home, we have to deal with a broken car, and we both have more travel the same week.
We leave on a Tuesday and arrive on a Thursday.
We traverse a lot of time lines and distance while our experiences is simply the view from within a cramped and crowded space- with short breaks inside large airports with possible fresher air than the plane, but nothing that seems as if I could attach the word 'fresh' to it. A large plane, to an insanely large plane, to potentially that same plane, to what passes as a small plane- and finally into fresh air to walk across a tarmac.  Fuzzy brains, furry mouths, smelly and seemingly (to the one day work commuters) over-packed we will find ourselves in a different season, for the third time this year.
Okay- so Venice-
Five days was a good amount of time- we traversed the city on foot, and the weather was in the 90s and humid.  Our airbnb apt. was good value, and a good pick, not in the center of the center of the incredible amount of tourists, but our directions were not clear and our host was late- so we had a rough start.
The Biennale was amazing-and MONA seems to have taken their lead from this art festival.  I would go back, specifically for the festival.
Also the Opera was a bit modern for my tastes but the Fenice was gorgeous.

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