Saturday, September 12, 2015

Venice Biennale Arte Part 2

As I sit in my kitchen in Stockholm, wearing light clothing, with the early evening light bright enough to create the illusion that summer is still happening. But, Swedish summer, with its ordinary highs of 23-25 c.  I find it hard to remember that humid, dense heat that was just last week in Venice, topping 30 each day.
I am ruminating on this fact because one of my favorite exhibits was one that we found without intention.  We were both hungry and a bit tired, and I clearly remember taking a photo of the introduction poster, and yet I can't find it now to tell myself (or anyone reading this) who it was.  


The Beezy / Brian Eno exhibit was almost as I imagined it, paintings along a steep staircase, in an unused, very old building.  What I hadn't imagined was that there would be a warning notice put up, as the weather that day was so hot, it was breaking records.  We did make it to the top but again, but we didn't linger more than about 5 minutes per section.

 Here is the view from the top.

A few random pieces-
This may have been from the Cindy Sherman curated area
Part of Macedonian's exhibit- a series that comprised the smoking of the whole cigarette

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