Sunday, April 24, 2011

"Books alone are libral and free, they give to all who ask, they emanicate all who serve them faithfully."

My long drives have ended.
I am turning my rental car back into the agency today.
I managed a bit over 7,000 miles.
I have learned that ten hours is pretty easy, and that thirteen hours is a bit too much. I realized that constant motion has the same appeal as touring with a band, everything is intensified by its short length of time, and everything gets left behind so that any emotional upheaval gets dulled to a smooth, manageable state.

I stopped back in Sacramento to see friends and catch a quick lunch with my Mom, who by happenstance was on her way to Seattle.
I got back to L.A. in time to catch Jared Diamond speaking with Francis Fukuyama, in an 'Aloud' series put on by the L.A. Library foundation.

I met Monte at his work, and we ambled over to a bar near the library. I get a thrill from going to places that are so far from my own life, a downtown bar during happy hour full of people in suits having an after work drink qualifies.
I have this moment of 'What would this life be like?', and then of course get to walk away without actually having to put in the work.

The next day I attended a small wedding ceremony.
I saw yet another area of L.A. unknown to me, Laguna Beach and Laguna Canyon. I don't think L.A. can be beat in the category of singular neighborhoods, each so different, and full.
I have about a week to make my farewells, and figure out how to fit everything into my suitcases.

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