Tuesday, April 19, 2011

"...did you call the distant cry? calling me back to myself..."

Seattle has changed so much that my mind feels addled.
Whole blocks are gone, many blocks have changed...
I think the city has changed as much as I have.
I would have to start my love affair all over because I no longer know this city that I once wrote poetry in its honor.
In many ways these changes are freeing, like memories of a person you only missed because you remembered them not as they are...but as you perceived them to be.

My trip out to Camano Island to see my friend Vanessa made my long journey here completely worth the miles, and any strain.
She lives out on a island about an hour north of Seattle, and out there I could feel, and see a landscape that felt like I remember Seattle to be.
More than landscape, there was the drive through espresso on a small country road, the friendly people, the gas station that also sold bait and tackle. These are the type of things that make up my memories of Seattle, misty mornings hanging around the pine trees. Being able to pay your bar tab with a personal check. Small businesses and interesting fashion, now I see chain stores and people that could be in anywhere USA.
Four of us went up to Bellingham where I attended University and lived for two years. I had a day that was entirely filled with laughter.
Plus I finally got to experience Record Store day which I have only heard of via podcasts because as far as I know Australia doesn't have this cool event happening.
I also found my old favorite used bookstores in their new location, and got ten great books (oh dear the weight!) for under $70.

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Pip said...

We do have record store day now!

Looks like you are having a truly happy time x