Saturday, April 30, 2011

Other peoples windows

I had a really nice time.
Being 'away' in a true sense, not just in Sweden and 'away' from Tasmania, or on the mainland and 'away' from home.
I got to drive wide, long, open stretches of road and know that I could just keep on driving without looping back on myself as one would do on the island.
More importantly I needed to visit with friends and meet the new additions.
I feel a responsibility as the one who moved away.
I also got a better and renewed perspective with regard to being on Zok's side of the situation.
I now feel I once again have a mental picture in my mind of my friends in their day to day lives, thereby giving me a connection so I feel apart not fragmented from their lives.
I can once again send mail and know that I have the correct address and that people are actually reading what I have written.

I am very grateful for Roberto and Monte having me stay for such a long time and to everyone who made the time to see me.

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Jeannie said...

Come back soon, I miss you already. xx