Wednesday, April 6, 2011

"...from the Kentucky coal mine to the California sun..."

The Veloway is a 3 mile loop through a sort of reserve, with roadrunners, snakes, and red cardinals all around. Only bikes or skates are allowed on the track and there is both a slow lane and a fast going one direction.

I saw more than a few Roadrunners up close, a red cardinal, a pair of mourning doves, and a western scrub wren which was large and blue and very impressive.

Nearby is the First Lady Johnson's wild flower reserve.
Which has a trails a mile or so through recovery areas with information explaining how the Texas landscape evolves.
There are also formal gardens, a small gallery, and an open air butterfly garden. There were some great garden ideas but I have to say the wild area made me feel impressed by my own home- Tasmania definitely has the better looking landscape.

I had a lovely morning.
I am waiting for the sun to rise to hit the road. Getting out of this area is tricky-and better done by light even if I have to wait through some traffic.
Thankfully the call of the road is always strong because leaving the ease of my friends very comfortable mini-mansion is challenging.

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Pip said...

One day when I'm a rich artist with time to spare I'm going to come on a road trip across the US with you, ok?