Saturday, April 2, 2011

"...farther up on the road, you'll find out I wasn't lying...

When I studied Psychology- I had a Professor I admired, and she was very into 'self-actualization'. Being "present" in ones own life. Trying to achieve a state of mind where one pays attention to the details, of not just their environment but their own emotional state, wants, needs and then trying to act honestly upon these desires-to have a level of authenticity to how one acts.

When I am driving out on an open road- knowing there are more people than I can truthfully conceive of-yet I am able to pull over and stand in a wide open space and feel a sense of who I am in the world-all seems right somehow.
This is strange because mostly my road trips have been when I have been between some decision, some action, some emotional state.

I do feel a certain sense of 'right' when I come across a pretty spot, whether in a large city or out in the bush. But there is an added dimension in a vehicle, a means to flee or move on that for me is safety, security, hope and opportunity.

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