Saturday, April 2, 2011

" you remember the good ol'days before the ghost town..."

I am sure people with a better grasp of syntax and a more organized mind have written much about places like Bisbee, AZ.
This site has easy to digest information if you want to take a look.

I have a (add in all and any superlative adjective here as they will all fit) friend in Bisbee, which luckily for me is geographically between other friends.

I arrived later than I meant (don't I always?), and stayed an extra day.
I met a lot of nice people, seemingly people who end up in Bisbee love to chat with anyone who happens to be coming through.

I also have two tiny people from my life that live in Bisbee but they are no longer tiny, and the larger is just a downright, forthright and interesting human. They are both great and they add many an extra superlative complimentary word to the list I would use to describe my friend Moriah.

What I learned:
Buzzards really do group together and circle ominously in the sky.
All the deep concrete trenches that make for cute, high walkways to the then steep stairs to access Bisbee housing, has nothing to do with the mining, and all to do with the 'monsoons'.
The monsoon rains are frequently commented on and referred too.
Viewing the huge open (no longer working) lavender pit mine made me think 'men' are crazy with their aspirations.
When the mine shut in 1975- the hippies moved in.
Bisbee residents have a good sense of humor and laugh a lot.
I miss my friends.
Sometimes children grow into good humans.
I should have bought those cowboy boots in that second hand shop on Main St.

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