Friday, April 15, 2011

"...I rode my bicycle past your window last night..."

An aspect of road tripping is that all the miles in between one's days, makes events that were recent seem much further back.

After Texas and before N.California, and before, before, Washington State, I had an extra-awesome rad day with friends at Ciclavia.
Here is the wordpress site that explains this event fully.

The idea, the possibilities, the execution were all perfect.
I was so happy to be in downtown L.A., in daylight, moving at my own pace, with no traffic, exhaust or fear of being smooshed, and able to gaze at buildings, stop on bridges, chat with my friends, and share an experience with what must have been thousands of people yet there were no creepy crowd aspects.

A lot of people had interesting vehicles, music, pets in baskets. There were places to stop for food, coffee shops, and even a beer garden (this was even better because it was two blocks off the main route so there wasn't random drunkenness, more that people met at the end of their day).

Exercise, architecture, catching up with friends, is really a combination for a great day.

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