Sunday, April 24, 2011

My Aunt Cookie

I don't have many clear memories from childhood.
I have moved from place to place. A lot.
I have had many people pass through my life.

Most of my memories are random and abstract. I do truly remember more on those rare occasions I am with someone and we start to discuss some event, both adding in parts to make a whole story.

Even more slight are my memories of 'family'.
This is not a 'bad' thing, or really even a 'thing' as far as 'things' go.
I am just illustrating how the few who I think of as 'family' are very important to me.
One of these people is my Aunt Cookie, she isn't actually an Aunt and her name isn't actually Cookie, but this is an apt example of my history.

I remember Cookie coming to visit, now and then, from far away places.
(England! Where could that be?)
She has an infectious laugh and high spirits. She taught me how to make a proper cup(pa) tea.
She had the first tattoo I ever saw on a someone I knew personally.
I wrote her letters and she wrote me back.

In recent years, I have been able to visit her and she I.
I have gotten to know the family she created and the home she inhabits.
Now, I have a whole set of clear memories, with photos as well. For many this is common place for me this is irreplaceable and amazing.
So, with all my heart I thank you, Cookie.

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Love this xx