Saturday, April 30, 2011

"...california...I'm gonna see the folks I dig...will you take me as I am, strung out on another man..."

Marcia Means with whom I share a birth date, gave me one of the very best presents; her son Monte. But this was not enough, she keeps giving and the best bits of yesterday were due to her.
She gave Monte a book by Charles Fleming. He organized into short easy walks all the remaining, public staircases in and around central L.A., where once upon a time as you may have learned from movies such as Chinatown, or Roger Rabbit that this dense city once had public transportation, and it always had people living up in the canyons and hills.

We chose to walk near High Tower, a working elevator that is prominently featured in 'The Big Sleep'. (There was a for lease sign on an amazing looking apartment, that comes with a key to this elevator, when I phoned I learned the 1 bedroom apartment was only $2,725.00 a month, which I person on the message kindly repeated twice as in

We took a short break from walking to go to the new wing of LACMA, which also had an amazing elevator designed by or decorated by Barbara Kruger.
There were some Koons pieces I had not seen, and some interesting pieces by younger artists, as well as maze, well, two mazes in rooms of their own.
They both had an interesting affect on the senses of perception when I ran through them.

Our second walk took us by one of Raymond Carver's homes in Silverlake.
That was really the best thing I could say about the second walk, although I do love to have an excuse to look at neighborhoods and the homes that comprise them.

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